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Complete Course on Indian Stock Market

A Complete Course on Investing in the  Indian Stock Market

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(4.9/5) 3287 reviews

The course is in Very Simple Language even Persons from Non-Finance backgrounds can easily learn and automate the process of Stocks picking. Learn to make money Like a Professional.
👉  Complete knowledge as per the current scenario of the Indian stock market on how to do a complete analysis of a company before investing in it.

(4.9/5) 3287 reviews

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Online Training Program to become Stock Market Investor in 90 Days

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Stocks Shared with Students

✅ KEI 200% returns

✅ Sika Interplant 235% returns

✅ MK Exim 1216% returns

✅ Ishan dyes 185% returns

✅ Krishana 353% returns

✅ KPR Mill 118% returns

✅ Share India 209% returns

✅ DP Wires 229% returns

...and many more

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Stock Market Fundamental Course Includes

1. Stock Market Fundamental Analysis Course with Lifetime Access

Complete Course from Basic to Advance of how I choose stocks to invest in Indian Stock Market.

2. Monthly LIVE Webinars for doubt Clearing and More Knowledge

Monthly LIVE Webinars where queries will be answered and more knowledge will be shared as per market conditions.

3. Special Access to My VIP Telegram Group

Get Access to the Special Telegram Group only for Students.

4. Multibagger Stocks for Portfolio Shared

25+ Multibagger Stocks held in my Portfolio, all will be shared and whenever I'll invest in any new stocks detailed analysis of the stocks will be shared.

5. Ashish Chadha Stocks Portfolio

Get Access to My real Stock Market Portfolio, See Which stocks I am buying or selling from my Portfolio and you can copy the same.

Become A Professional Stock Market Investor in 90 Days

Learn How I Pick Multibagger Stocks in my Portfolio

Best Stock Screener

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Find the Correct Price of Any Stock

Learn to Read Balance sheet

Income Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Learn How I Automate Stock Picking

Ratio Analysis

Advance Stock Picking Techniques

Live case studies of stocks

Practical Examples

Why Should I Enroll for the Course

"If you are thinking Investing in Stock Market is Risky. I Must tell you if you are Not Investing in Stock Market then you are at Risk".  because in other assets like Fixed deposits, Gold, and bonds your money is growing by 5-6% and the inflation is 6%. whereas Stock Market gives you the opportunity to multiply your money by 30-50% Returns. Learn and then Invest

The reason why people are not able to make money in the stock market is because of these two things

1. Discipline 2. Right Education
We don't have the discipline to find and hold Good stocks because we don't have the right education as we are just following the Crowd .

Life Mantra - Start taking Actions & Invest in Your Right Education

One day my daughter, Sharvi asked me Papa What did you want to become when you were a child...

My answer to my daughter was I want to be Rich and Successful. and The desire to become rich is not a bad thing. A study conducted by Kansas State University found that those who had positive feelings about money were more likely to get Successful in Life. I don't want to be in the rat race where most of my income will go into EMI.

I was the person who was struggling in Life to Make Money from Stock Market. but throughout this journey, I Failed many times but every time I Learned from the Mistakes and now I have a Proven method that makes me and my community students' life Financial Free.

I am on a mission to make 10 Lakh People Living Financial Freedom Life

✅ Know the next Multibagger Stocks I am buying in my Portfolio.    

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Why Investment in Stock Market is Important....

1. Passive Income

Rather than working 9 to 6 for Active Income we should learn how to create Passive Income where you are not actively involved but still making money. The stock market is a beautiful place to Make Passive Income,

2. Don't Follow Crowd

Chances are, If you are following the crowd, you're following the wrong path -'Bob Proctor'. Most People fail because they buy stocks that others buy. we should learn the right education and then invest.

4. Financial Freedom
Money gives you the freedom to do what you love. Freedom in Life is the asset you need to focus on the most. That's the asset that's going to be the difference between a good life and an average.
4. Wealth
Income comes from the job but the best way to make create Wealth is by investing in Good businesses. Lear to Find Good Business
5. Compounding

10,000 invested in Long Term Equity can become 36 Crores in 40 years at 30% annual Returns. The day you will learn how compounding you don't need to work for money. Money will start working for you.

6. Save BIG on TAXES
No Business gives you Tax opportunity as in Stock Market. Max 15% Short Term Capital and Max 10% Long Term Capital.Whereas in Business or in Job Tax goes to 30%

Ashish Chadha

I helped more than 4 Thousand Investors & Traders to grow money in the Indian Stock Market

Stock Market Investor, Trader, and Trainer. 19+ Years of Experience In the Indian Stock Market.

Learn How I Made 1 Lakh to 17 Lakh and then 17 Lakh to Crore

and many more unique techniques of investing in the Indian Stock Market

✅ Learn How I Find the Correct Price of any Stock.    

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4 Thousand + Happy Students Reviews

Vandana Kaushik


Guru wo hai jo sacha or anubhavi gyan de , jo apne hajaro bacho ko diya hai 🙏 . Thankew so much sir . Aapke is course se lakho logo ki jindgi badlne wali hai

 Anish Saini


This is amazing course and magic start when ratio comes in the picture and that change your perspective what you have learned so far. There are thousand of videos, courses are available on internet but the challenge is that they are not aligned as per content wise. This course allow us to go in systematic way. One must go through this content multiple times so that he/she remember all those facts and do good analysis accordingly. I am sure I will be good analysist very soon. Thanks Ashish for this wonderful training, all words spoken in this course are golden pearl.

 Devender Kuma - Ex Navy


As a Beginner in this market, I'm looking a good knowledge about the market .. After just finishing the Fundamental Analysis course....I came to know lots of about it. & It's just starting. I'm sure that one day it's help me in becoming a full time trader..... Blessed to Have a GREAT MENTOR SIR JI.. Thanks Sir ji....... jAI HIND.... From a EX-Navy

 Shalini Masse


I have learnt so many new things from this course. It's very, useful ,informative and knowledgable.Every concept has discussed in a very simple and precise way. i would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to enhance their knowledge regarding Fundamental Analysis. Thank you Sir for providing me this opportunity to learn Fundamental course.

 Ashish Chopda


Hi Sir, It was amazing experience & lot of things to learn even tho i m investing in stock market for many years & made huge losses & more ever thinking that i know everything bcoz stock market is my passion, More ever i have enrolled for the course yesterday only & learnt a lot, only thing is if we practice all these Ratio regularly we can be perfect in our learning. Awesome Training Sir which cannot be described in words, you are a Great Mentor. Please let me know how can i post my Video as Testimonial to encourage others to join the course

 Syed Akbar Husain


Hi The course has been designed in a way as to choose the right stocks. It has been an eye opener for me. Ashish has taught the strategy of how to reject the stocks and pick the right one. I had purchased a number of books on stock market fundamental analysis but this course teaches you what you don't get anywhere else. Worth the money spent. Ashish, what should be my next step. Syed Akbar Husain

 Bhavuk Ankur Wah


I have just completed the Fundamental Analysis Course and would like to mention here that Ashish you are the absolute best teacher I have ever had! Your online course is so motivational and designed in a manner that it is easier to understand even to novice, who has just entered or is contemplating to enter in the Stock Market. Your explaining practically that how companies fudge with their numbers and advising how can we stay away of these companies and instead can find multi-baggers just on a click of one button by creating our own parameters is the best part of this course I felt. Instead of wasting not only money and time on fraudsters companies by adding money to the scripts/stocks, which comes under our parameter given by you, one can compound his/her money much faster. It is my privilege to have attended this course and thanks for adding me to your INNER CIRCLE to attend more of your webinars Free-of-Cost throughout our life. I recommend all to join this online Fundamental Analysis Course designed by Ashish Chadha, which is worth attending and will indeed help you in wealth creation. Thanking you, With my kind regards, Bhavuk Ankur Wahi

 Sandeep Ramteke


This is really one of the best online training course I have attended ever. I have been in sharemarket from many years not with big portfolio but for long time investment but I never knew these terminologies in such a depth. My basis learning are all related to different ratios, their importance, filtering the stock as per ratios, FAIR value calculations etc. Its worth to spend this amount for this knowledge atleast. I have some quesries which I have posted in QA forms & expecting guidance on those queries. Thanks a lot Mr. Ashish!

 Anil Kohli


Dear Ashish Ji I have joined your course on 20th June21 and completed it on 25th. The way you designed course and explain the contents it was amazing. Your way to teach is very simple, which can be understandable by a beginner like me. I learned a lot and many new things. This course completely changed my view to see market/Company and tells me importance of Fundamentals. I am lucky to get a Mentor like you Sir. I also joined your Telegram Channel and taken some stocks as per your advice like JMA on 28th & within 5 days booked profit 38%. I will recommend your Course to all my friends who are interested in Share Market. With Regards Anil Kohli



Respected Ashish Sir,What i want to say about this course that it is not a course(please do not call it a course it's a starting point of a journey) .This course realizes me that my journey towards learning,towards prosperity has been started.It is my pleasure that i connected with you on this mission as my MENTOR.Please stay with me during this whole journey,Again Thanks a lot.Regards Pawan Kumar Bhopal

 Ajit Chougala


Greeting of the Day, Good evening Dear sir, I attended fundamental analysis sessions. Before sharing my feedback i would like to tell you sir ..that is ur training skill and attraction of the students is highly impressive. I personally felt that during the training session each things you explained very in details our mind is completely attracted to ur talk no diversion of concentration. Attraction of candidates with pindrop silence is not an easy task its only comes in master coaches. Bcz i attended many sessions but like this ever sir.Thank you very much. Related to courses, Its just amazing as i made plan to leran share market but as i am fresh candidates blindly entered into ur session within few days i surprised that so much things i learnt. In just one sentence that there is no words to explain more. Thank you.

 Nabajyoti Kalita


Hello Mr. Ashish, At the outset, I would like to thank you for making us understand the fundamentals of selection of good stocks in the simplest of the way. I have gone through the main video twice and also gone through all the inner circle videos. It is definitely adding value to my knowledge base. As you have mentioned in your video, I will try to start my portfolio building based on the learning from the course as well as from inner circle videos. One Learning: Though I am investing in share market from last 2-3 years now, the whole course is a an eye opener for me. I have learned a lot from it. The best learning for me is the "Fair Value Calculation". Earlier I was very much confused to take entry in good stocks and had to depend on others for valuation of the stock. Now I can take my own decision for any of the stocks. At the end all the best for your future endeavors and I am sure that you will keep us mentoring like Ramakant Achrekar so that one of your students will become Sachin Tendulkar.

 Surjeeth Guddadapli


Dear sir I don’t know from where to start and how to start. I was literally in wrong trading last one year. And I wasn’t aware where I’m missing. Literally after attending your webinar I changed myself and I’m just following your instructions. On that basis,just I’m telling about this week. Every day min I’m doing 5k and max I did 13k. You’re stupendo fantabulous. My real guru. Need your support all the time. Thank you

 Santosh Thakur


Hi Ashih, I really want to appreciate your efforts of teaching Trading in such professional and simple way , I didn't knew any thing about Share market before May 2020 . As to inculcate new hobby , I took your fundamental class and Price Action in June 2020 and applied as per my understanding . For me results were something which i never thought , I feel proud to say in open that I earned 58 thousand in the month of July 2020. I really thanks you from my heart and please continue with your efforts . Regards.. Santosh Thakur

 Ranga Prasana Kumar


It’s an awesome experience as a beginner to complete the course on Fundamental Analysis. Appreciate your efforts in designing such an informative and easy to understand course. I am from a non finance background and had no idea about how stocks are picked I didn’t know there’s so much in-depth study involved into it. Your detailed explanation on the use of the ratios in Screener to select a Good company by filtering the Bad ones is absolutely amazing and an eye opener. It’s difficult to quote one Learning as there was new learning in every step of the process. The way your teacher ❤️ is simply amazing 🙏 every person must and should enroll your fundamental analysis seriously guys this is best best best course I have to taken !! Thank you such sir 🙏

 Hiren Desai


Hi sir Its was awesome training which cannot be described in few words,really your a fantastic mentor, More ever I have enrolled this type courses, i learnt lot.before sharing my views i wanted to tell you your training skills and attraction for new beginner is superb.i personally felt that in training session.each and every thing you explained in deeply, i surprised that so much i learnt .your course is so motivational and designed in a manner that it is easier to understand even to novice,who has just entered or is contemplating to enter in the stock market.this is the really one of the best online training course i have attended ever.i never knew these terminological in such a depth.thanks a lot ashish..for guiding me and giving such wonderful information ,,,,

 Praful Apturkar


Hey Ashish..I have completed the fundamental course. I have to say I am really enjoying the course and learning from it .I can connect through the vision and goals you have. I was always looking for a mentor who knows the value of education and everything is not just only about the money..I wish that I gain financial freedom one day ...Thank you so much ..Looking forward for more such good lectures and strategies.

 Lokendra Nahar


Hello Ashis sir Im complete ur fundamental course.its was really awesome and im enjoying too every things. my english not so good but ..apne jo explain kiya its making too easy for me . Fst i was thinking stock market is gambling like others society people but after ur webinar and now this course is give me lot of knowledge and clear my view . learning much thing for my trading journey specially fair price section who give me answer how stok prices fix .... Thankx you very much....❤️



Dear Ashish, Firstly, I would like to thank you for extending such an opportunity to learn and implement the study in our futuristic stocks to built strong portfolio. I have completed the fundamental course. I have to say I have really been amazed and really enjoying the course and learning from it .I have been investing in stock but have always paid premium cost which was not worth but was not having any knowledge only by my account operators suggestion I have picked the stocks and today still I have not made the money which I have invested around 3.5lac. I was always looking for a mentor who would help in providing the right knowledge to select the right stock. The value of education and everything is not just only about the money..I wish that I gain financial freedom...Thank you so much ..Looking ahead for your support and strategies in rebuilding or support in restructuring my portfolio which would help me built good wealth. Thanks & Regards Abhishek Nayak

 Rajarajeshwari Nagarajan


This course is Awesome. The way I look at the market has completely changed and you have thought me a very structured approach of doing Fundamental Analysis of the companies. I wish the Indian education system takes some suggestion from you and simplify the most complex subjects as you did for us . Thank you so much Ashish.

 Rajarajeshwari Nagarajan


This course is Awesome. The way I look at the market has completely changed and you have thought me a very structured approach of doing Fundamental Analysis of the companies. I wish the Indian education system takes some suggestion from you and simplify the most complex subjects as you did for us . Thank you so much Ashish.

✅ How I Pick Multibagger Stocks, Complete Process

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(4.9/5) 3287 reviews

Stock Market Fundamental Analysis Course by Ashish Chadha

Topics Covered
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
How to Find Multibagger Stock
How To Know Correct Price of any Stock
Best Stock Screener
How to Automate Fundamental Stock Research
How to Read Balance sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Ratio Analysis
Practical Examples
Advance Stock Picking Techniques
Live case studies of stocks
How to Automate Stock Picking
Company Earnings


FREE Bonus

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 Mrutyunjaya Sahoo


Hello Sir, You are amazing and similarly the course. It was my pleasure to attend the fundamental analysis course. Though I'm into share market since 2017, I never felt so much confident during investment before attending the course. Thank you so much Sir for putting so much of effort to design the course. Love you



Ashish sir, This is the First Time I have attended the Training Programme on Fundamental Analysis. The way you taught and Explained the concepts in details was AWESOME. Prior to this course, for me all the Companies are Same. But now after attending your course, I came to know the Difference. Now i m investing my money ONLY AND ONLY after checking the Balance Sheet and Other Financials as per your course learning. I am from Finance background, but the way you have explained was Amazing and Awesome. I recommend that each one must attend attend your course before entering in the stock market. Once Again Thanks a lot Ashish sir for this Wonderful session

 Nitin Sharma


Thanks a lot sir for such a great eye opener knowledge This course is worth for money it will not be wrong to say that is under valued. Earlier I have undergone a technical analysis course by someone else by paying Rs 18000/- but the knowledge you have given is better than that and I have never heard, that you have told Earlier I have lost approximately Rs 2 lack, but now I am sure that I will be earning with wonderful amount of profit Once again thank you very much Sir

 K Solomon James


Hi Ashish, I have completed the , I don’t have 1% of regrets for taking the course it has definitely added value to my trading knowledge. The course was really worth the time and money I have invested, gives me confidence to make money on a longer run. Thank you for the opportunity Solomon James

 Kailash Laxmandas Talreja


Sir, from last few years I am watching share market because I have interested in it. But didn't dare to start this business due to absence of proper knowledge and guidance. But after watching your fundamental analysis about the share market a confidence comes in to me that I can invest in share market and if I follow the guidelines and rules suggested by you definitely I will get returns from this field. Thanks for such a wonderful information and knowledgeable video.

 Ashish Kharsikar


Wow! What a revealing knowledge, information I got through this Fundamental course. You have given a totally different directives to my vision to stock market. I want to thank you for sharing such a knowledge in depth. I am blessed and it's a absolute value for money.

 Shefali Singhal


Hi Ashish, Thanks for brilliant course. For a fresher like me, it is really helpful. I wasn't aware of many of the terms of stock market. But now I think after few experiments, I will be able to start trading. Thanks.

 Manoj Murthy


Good Morning Sir, Since from two months , I am in Stock market and firing billets in the dark, sometome doing profits and most of the time losing, Soon I realized I need to understand nitty gritty of this business and was looking for the right course. Utilization of various ratios, to analyze the company’s financial status, especially faire price calculation. Now I am making sure to follow the information for classes . I am feeling confident after going through this course. Course is very well structured and explained well in simplified manner, any layman can understand it. Thank very much Ashish , interested to join your Price action and technical analysis course. Thank you again

 Srinivas Narayana


I have come across a great teacher, mentor and a good human-being who always inspires traders to earn along with his team with his practical knowhow, prudent communication, wonderful inputs, explaining valuable concepts with distinctive approach to Fundamental Analysis for Trading and strategical techniques to generate good profits. My belief and trust in course material should be making a big change in the near future. Thanks a lot Ashish!!:☺️



OMG. I have just completed and I know I took more time because am trying to understand everything clearly. May be I need to go through some more time but one thing would like to say about D-Mart fare value. Completely shocked. Ashish calculated fare value with his own formula for next year in 2019 during this video recording which 1is 977. After calculation fare value for D-Mart would be around 2900 and I checked just now , it is 2780 . Completely wow.. How is this possible Ashish. its completely amazing.

 Mohamed Asif


Dear Ashish ji i had completed the fundamental course , i learn, lot of things from this Like , How to select the stocks , and what all the things to follow to get good stocks, most attractive is get fare value of stocks , its amazing , You h Made me think like a MD And CEO, Thank You so Much ashish Ji , About You , you Are A true mentor , good heart, down to earth. God Bless You with Good Health And Happiness, i would like to have a mentor like you forever , Thank you

 Santosh Patnaik


Hello Ashish, It was a really nice training, i never had attended any such training earlier. I have been trading on a hit and trail method since may years, so sometimes i make profit and sometimes i make losses and i wasn't aware of some many terminologies. One thing which i learnt for sure from this training is how to select a stock. I learnt the way to filter out bad stock and focus only on the limited but good stocks. Thanks a lot again for guiding and helping to learn. Looking forward to your future support.

 Rahul Singh Negi


Best course of my life in STOCK MARKET point of view completly changed. I learn best think from u sir Discipline. Course is more valueable then price.

How your Bank Balance will be in the next 1 year depends on the ACTIONS you take Today.

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✅ Formal Education will make you a Living and Self Education will make you a Fortune.

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Ashish Chadha

I am Stock Market Trader, Investor, and Trainer for the last 19 years. I help Investors and Traders to Grow in Stock Market.

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